November 29, 2021


Cherkizovo hold university roundtable on Russian meat exports


Cherkizovo Group recently ran a roundtable discussion for Master's students on the Global Agricultural Markets programme at MGIMO's School of Business and International Proficiency, it said in a press statement. The discussion focused on the current trends of Russian meat and dairy exports.

The line-up at the roundtable included heads of major farming unions and associations as well as leading experts in the Russian agricultural sector.

Andrey Terekhin, Cherkizovo Group's head of Industry Expertise and Export Development, moderated the session for the first and second-year Master's students. The online event was organised as part of Agricultural Exports from Russia: Practical Issues – an educational module created by Cherkizovo, featuring lectures and practical sessions. Participants at the roundtable included leading experts from the Russian meat industry, all with significant experience in foreign trade.

During the event, Sergey Yushin, head of the National Meat Association, noted the particular importance of exports for the sustainable growth of Russia's agricultural sector. He said that the high standard of foodstuffs expected in foreign markets encourages Russian producers to strive for ever-higher quality and safety standards, including in regard to products destined for the domestic market. In Yushin's view, the creation of an institute for agricultural attachés at Russian embassies in over 50 countries is another important tool in promoting Russian products abroad. The training offered to such professionals at MGIMO is a valuable step towards the long-term success of this programme.

Artem Daushev, aide to the Head of Rosselkhoznadzor who is in charge of cooperating with the veterinary services of foreign states, spoke of the work being done to facilitate access for Russian agricultural goods abroad. He gave detailed descriptions of the advanced digital technologies used by the Russian authorities to ensure the quality and safety of food products for export. Daushev also spoke about working with foreign regulators, highlighting several examples where foreign markets have been opened for Russian livestock products.

Lada Goltsova, head of Foreign Trade at the National Union of Poultry Farmers, spoke about the outlook for Russia's poultry industry and the challenges faced launching Russian poultry products abroad. She highlighted the success of Russian farmers in exporting poultry meat. This has helped Russia become a prominent player in the global poultry industry, with particular success exporting to the CIS and the large Chinese market. Goltsova added that Russian poultry is also now being actively shipped to other destinations, including Saudi Arabia and Africa.

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