November 29, 2021


Culling of pigs due to ASF drives up farm gate price of live pigs in Thailand


The price of live pigs at the farm gate in Thailand has climbed from $1.80/kg to 2.5/kg in just two months.


According to a Genesus Global Market Report, the driving force behind the price is a mass culling of sows and commercial pigs to prevent the spread of African swine fever (ASF).


In an earlier estimation, Genesus calculated for a 30% loss, but they've since recalculated that estimate, raising it to 50% or more.


Hygiene will be an important factor to consider in a successful herd rebuild, as stalls will need to be properly cleaned and disinfected before restocking.


Genesus said it is difficult to find healthy gilts in Thailand, as most breeders have been impacted by ASF as well. Even when they are available, attaining the proper permits to move them is difficult, as the movement of pigs is carefully controlled to avoid the spread of disease.


Genesus compared the situation in Thailand to that of Vietnam a year ago where ASF outbreaks caused a shortage of gilts that led to price hikes for pork. Vietnam allowed imports of gilts and commercial stock from Thailand at that time, but this is not something Thailand can do, especially as ASF spreads widely in Vietnam again.


According to Genesus, the solution will be to restock farms with high health, high genetic merit breeding stock as quickly as possible. The rebuild could still take a couple of years. Shortages will be inevitable.


- The Pig Site