November 29, 2006


Canada's pork production up but consumption down



Pork production in Canada has grown 67 percent over the last decade although it has remained largely stagnant this year compared to last year.


Canadian pork production reached 5.52 billion pounds this year, accounting for just under half of overall meat production. 


Pork consumption in Canada has been sliding, with 50.49 pounds per person in 1999, reaching a low of 38.36 pounds per person in 2005. 


The Statistics Canada report for meat consumption in 2005 indicates that each person in Canada last year ate 14 percent less pork than in 2004 and down 18 percent from 10 years ago. 


Poultry production and consumption in Canada have both increased steadily in recent years. 


Total production in 2005 was 2 up 4 percent from the 2004 annual production.


Estimated production for poultry in Canada in 2006 is 1 percent smaller however. 


If realised, this would be the first production decrease in Canada since 1980.


Poultry production accounts for a-fifth of the total meat production in Canada.


Per capita poultry consumption in 2005 increased just slightly from 2004, up almost 1 percent to 81 pounds. 


 10 years ago, poultry consumption in Canada was 67 lbs, 14 lbs smaller than 2005.

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