November 28, 2022


Deere expects US corn and soybean farming to be autonomous by 2030



Deere & Co, a major farm machinery maker, expects US corn and soybean farming to be fully autonomous by 2030, Bloomberg reported.


Deere is already receiving payments from farmers for the use of its automation technology for tillage work, and the company is looking into recurring revenue models that would enable growers to use such improvements as needed.


Josh Jepsen, chief financial officer of the company, said they are committing to have a total autonomy and automation solution for corn and soy in the US, adding that it is technically feasible, and they really excited about the possibilities.


Deere unveiled an autonomous tractor earlier this year and has been working on technology that enables sprayers to recognise weeds in fields. Deere also plans to increase recurring revenue by 10% by 2030. In the future, autonomy might be used to pull carts filled with grain from the harvest.


-      Bloomberg

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