November 28, 2013


Russia's poultry production close to self-sufficiency level



Russia is expected to be 96% self-sufficient in poultry production towards the end of 2013, setting a new record level for the industry.


According to the Russian Federal Static Service (Rosstat), poultry production for the first nine months of this year amounted to 3.7 million tonnes, which is 213,200 tonnes, or 6.1% higher than the same period in 2012. According to preliminary data, by the end of 2013, about 4.9 million tonnes will be produced, which will exceed the 2012 level by 6%.


The regions which are most active in the poultry production industry this year are Belgorod, Leningrad, Voronezh, Rostov, Chelyabinsk, Novgorod, Krasnodar and Stavropol as well as in the Republic of Tatarstan.


Further development of the industry will be possible either with the increase of poultry consumption in the country or with the development in exports. Russians currently consume 26 kg of poultry meat on average, and experts forecast this figure will rise to 30 kg over the coming five to six years.

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