November 28, 2012


Vietnam's meat, animal by-products imports reach 82,200 tonnes



From January-November 20, 2012, Vietnam has imported 82,200 tonnes of meat and animal by-products.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Animal Health Department the amount consists of 66,223 tonnes of chicken parts and 15,982 tonnes of products of pig and cattle. The country imported 776.9 tonnes of viscera of pig and cattle and 72 tonnes of chicken innards, it noted.


The US was the biggest exporter of meat and animal by-products to Vietnam with 44,965 tonnes of chicken parts and 912.6 tonnes of other meat and by-products. India and South Korea followed, shipping 9,360 tonnes and 9,320 tonnes of meat and animal by-products to Vietnam as of November 20, the department added.


Vietnam also imported meat from Brazil (8,096 tonnes), Australia (1,684 tonnes), Poland (1,324 tonnes), and New Zealand (260.2 tonnes).


Imports of meat and animal products are expected to rise to 10,000-12,000 tonnes a month starting from now to the Lunar New Year festival, which falls in late January next year.


According to the General Statistics Office, the country had 2.6 million of buffalos, 5.2 million of cows, 26.48 million of pigs and 308.3 million of poultry as of October 1, decreasing by 2.1-5.4% from the same period last year.

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