November 28, 2012


Iran to convert food waste to poultry feed



In order to improve its self-sufficiency with regard to poultry feed, the Iranian government aims to create a number of facilities for the production of feed from food wastes.


The director, Hormoz Mansouri, of the Livestock Research Institute of Iran, told the ISNA news agency that at the moment about 70% of poultry feed is imported. And this high level of dependence has prompted the plan to develop a feed production industry through more active use of food waste resources.


Hormoz Mansouri said that soy and corn, which together accounts for a significant part of poultry feed, is also mostly imported. The area under cultivation in Iran for these crops does not fully meet the needs of the industry, and therefore the Iranian poultry farmers face difficulties each year.


At the moment, a pilot of the draft project for the production of poultry feed from food wastes, is being implemented in Tehran province. According to Hormoz Ansari the sanitary control for the processing the food waste into the feed for birds is carried out by the Ministry of Health and the State Veterinary Organisation.


Hormoz Mansouri said that the project can be considered an important step in the production of feed for poultry and the further development of the poultry industry. A successful implementation of this pilot project will lead to similar projects being implemented throughout the country.