November 28, 2003



Brazil Chicken Exports Up 24.6% in January to October Period


Brazil's January to October chicken export revenue rose 24.6% to $1.458 billion, up from last year's $1.393 billion, according to the Brazilian Poultry Exporters Association (Abef).


In terms of volume 1.618 million tons was exported, up 21% on Jan-Oct/02 and close to the 1.624m/t shipped over 2002 as a whole.


Chicken cut exports accounted for a $900 million revenue (+25.5%) and a 943,000/t volume (+23.22%).


Whole chicken exports accounted for a $487.5 million revenue (+32.4%) and a 645,700/t volume (+15.4%).


Processed chicken exports accounted for a $69.6 million revenue (+62%) and a $29,367/t volume (+56%).


Brazil has benefited in 2003 from health and safety problems arising among its main poultry competitors: China and the EU.


A less aggressive Europe meant that Brazilian chicken exports to the Middle East in particular rose. China's problems meant higher exports to the Far East.


The Middle East was Brazil's main poultry market over the period, receiving 484,676 tonnes of Brazilian chicken, up 21% on the same period in 2002.


In terms of revenue the region contributed $393.5 million, a 31.5% increase.


In second place came the Far East at 383,870 tons (+26%) and $336.5 million (+17%).


Abef also mentioned increased exports to Africa, to which Jan-Oct sales rose to 90,000/t from 57,000/t the same period last year. South Africa and Angola were the main buyers.

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