November 26, 2013


Ukraine's grain exports hit 12.84 million tonnes since early 2013-14



Since the start of the 2013-14 marketing year (July 2013-June 2014), Ukraine's grain exports reached 12.84 million tonnes as of November 22.


The Agricultural ministry said that since the start of the marketing year, Ukraine has exported 5.91 million tonnes of wheat, including 4.67 million tonnes of food grain, and also 1.95 million tonnes of barley, 2.93 million tonnes of corn, 2,800 tonnes of rye, and 50,100 tonnes of other crops. Also, Ukraine has exported 2.13 million tonnes of oil crops, including 1.83 million tonnes of rapeseed and 304,300 tonnes of soy.


As at November 22, Ukrainian agricultural enterprises have harvested 60.4 million tonnes of grain and grain legumes. The grain has been harvested from 15.2 million hectares at the yield of 39.6 centners per hectare. Agricultural enterprises have harvested 26.8 million tonnes of corn for grain from 4.3 million hectares (89% of the plan) at the yield of 62.3 centners per hectare. Due to the expected record-making yield in Ukraine, the grain exports in 2013-14 marketing year may exceed the earlier forecasted indexes and reach 30 million tonnes, various experts discussed this at the Fourth Ukrainian Grain Congress.


The forecast depends on how traders can come to an agreement with agricultural producers on prices and, respectively, find markets for this product, head of the analytical department of the consulting agency Maryna Kolesnyk believes. This year, Ukraine expects to be among world's five grain exporters. It claims for the second position in the world by grain export volumes following the US and the world's third position on trading in corn, the fourth - in barley and the sixth - in wheat.