November 25, 2009


Russia raise live pigs import duties to cut unnecessary imports



Russia may raise import duties on live pigs and packaged tropical oils used in foodstuffs production and slash non-food tropical oils tariffs in order to cut excessive imports, the government said on Tuesday (Nov 24).


The government said the increase was recommended by the Commission for Protective Measures in Foreign Trade, the body responsible for drafting government orders on customs duties.


Currently, live pigs are liable to a 5-percent tariff, while all tropical oils, packaged and unpackaged, are liable to a 10-percent tariff.


The commission had recommended the tariff on unpackaged palm oil not meant to be used for production of foodstuffs be dropped and the tariff on unpackaged coconut oil not meant to be used for production of foodstuffs be halved to 5 percent.


The heads of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which are setting up a customs union, are scheduled to approve on Friday common import tariff rates for the three countries to become effective from next year.


The Russian animal and plant health watchdog has said Russiamay import one million live pigs for slaughtering this year.


To import pigs is cheaper than pork, imports of which are regulated by tariff quotas. Russia has yet to set meat import quotas for 2010-12.