November 24, 2003



Dutch Consortium To Invest US$400,000 in Fishery Sector in Indonesia's Bengkulu Province

A Dutch consortium will be conducting business in Indonesia's Bengkulu province, especially in the fishery sector with an initial investment of US$400,000, an Indonesia official said.

Head of the Bengkulu investment coordinating board Dakhadi Umar announced on Friday the Dutch consortium headed by Manuputty Baheer has agreed to operate in the fishery sector in the province for export purposes, especially to Europe.


"For realizing the plan, the Dutch consortium has established cooperation with its local counterpart PT Puri Bangun Nusantara, a private business headed by Tanri Abeng, with an initial investment of US$300,000," he said.


He added that the consortium would be ready for operation using at least four fishing boats equipped with cold storage facilities. "Most of the catch, such as tuna and other fish species would be exported to European countries," he said.


According to Umar, the cold storage facilities which would be built on the land of the state-owned seaport managing company, would also be for accommodating the catch of local fishermen.


The local fishermen, now estimated at 19,000, are expected to increase their catch by procuring more fishing boats and improving their fishing gear, he said, adding that 29 local fishermen would be leaving for the Netherlands for special training in navigation.


"The training is aimed at preparing skilled instructors to serve an institution of navigation training with the use of modern fishing gear," he added.

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