November 23, 2015


Rising EU pork exports in September driven by Chinese demand


EU's pork exports in September 2015 had rose 18% higher in overall volumes, to 166,300 tonnes, with China receiving over 60,000 tonnes of deliveries, according to AHDB pork.


While the export volume is the bloc's second highest for the month, the Chinese intake sets a fourth consecutive record and close to 13,000 tonnes more than what was imported into the mainland in August.


The percentage of China's share of EU pork exports had in fact almost doubled over the previous amount in 2014, at a current 37% of overall trade.


However, the bloc's exports to other markets, including those in Asia, also declined by 8% year-on-year last September, despite a 4% increase in deliveries to Japan.


Meanwhile, the value of exports jumped 12% year-on-year, to €368.8 million (US$391.3 million).