November 22, 2012


Paraguay to resume beef exports to Chile



Chile will resume beef imports from Paraguay, following a ban on Paraguayan beef exports to foreign markets due to foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) at a ranch in Northern Paraguay in September 2011.


The head of Paraguay's Animal Health and Food Quality Department (Servicio Nacional de Calidad y Sanidad Animal: SENACSA) Hugo Idoyaga revealed this on Tuesday (Nov 20). According to Idoyaga, Paraguay is hoping to receive official notification from Chile this week that it will resume purchases of Paraguayan beef.

Prior to the export restrictions, Chile was a major destination for Paraguayan beef exports, accounting for some US$500 million per annum. In 2010, Paraguay was the single largest supplier of beef to Chile, with a market share of approximately 69%. Paraguay exported 141,000 tonnes of beef in 2011, down from 170,000 tonnes in 2010.


According to SENACSA, Paraguay exported 140.327 tonnes of beef with a total value of US$692 million in the first 10 months of 2012. Russia and neighbouring Brazil are also major markets for Paraguayan beef exports.


News of the re-opening of the Chilean market to Paraguayan beef exports will be well received by Paraguay's agricultural sector. Moreover, with the impact on Paraguay's meat exports resulting from the export restrictions having not been as severe as initially anticipated, the resumption of beef exports to Chile could even see Paraguayan meat exports in 2012 grow to surpass the record US$920 million in meat export revenues attained in 2010.

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