November 22, 2005


Hong Kong bans certain Canadian, Inner Mongolian poultry imports



Hong Kong has temporarily banned imports of poultry from China's Inner Mongolia region and British Columbia, Canada, after the areas reported outbreaks of bird flu, the government said.


The government said in a statement released late Monday night that Hong Kong imported "only small amounts" of poultry from both places, but the imports would be immediately suspended.


Canadian officials announced on Friday they had discovered a duck infected with a bird flu virus on the British Columbia farm. But Canadian officials have said that the virus is a less virulent strain that has hit Asia and has killed more than 60 people.

China has been reporting new outbreaks almost daily since late October. One of the latest ones happened Nov 15 in Hanguerhe, a town in Molidawada County in Inner Mongolia, China's Xinhua News Agency reported.