November 20, 2023


North Dakota, US opens first soybean crushing plant and refinery



The Green Bison Soybean processing plant, the first soybean crushing plant and refinery in North Dakota, United States, has commenced operations in Spiritwood, located east of the state, providing local soybean producers with an alternative for processing their crops, KFYRTV reported.


With the ability to process 150,000 bushels of North Dakota soybeans year-round for soybean meal and oil, the plant is a joint venture with Archer Daniels Midland holding a 75% stake, and Marathon Petroleum owning the remaining 25%.


The construction of this facility, with an approximate cost of US$350 million, commenced in June 2021.


Previously, farmers relied on exporting soybeans through elevators, particularly to the Pacific Northwest and China. However, challenges such as tariffs impacted local grain prices adversely.


By reducing dependence on overseas shipments, the Green Bison plant provides local farmers and elevators with more options.


Beyond local benefits, the Marathon Refinery in Dickinson stands to gain from the project. Mike Keller, President of Green Bison, said that they will produce a refined soybean oil that will be sent to their partner within Marathon Petroleum to the Dickinson North Dakota facility, where the oil will be processed into renewable diesel.


Having already commenced operations in October, the Green Bison Soybean processing plant marks a transformative development for North Dakota's agricultural landscape.


-      KFYRTV

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