November 20, 2019


WEDA constructs innovative pig pen concept for "organic" operation


German pig farming specialist WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH has equipped the Arche Wilhelminenhof farm with its new "Be.Well" pens.

The Be.Well concept stands for products which focus on the well-being and health of pigs and facilitate economic and safe operations at the same time, WEDA said.

The order for the organic operation from Bakum included a reconstruction of pens in an open wooden house with roaming space.

"The individual pens are separated by gates. For cleaning purposes, we constructed the gates in a way that facilitates opening the gates to the side and mounting them to the wall", WEDA head of development Ralf Meyer explained.

"Thanks to a special door hinge, the gates can be easily lifted out of the straw and opened and closed in both directions. Subsequently, the manure can be pushed away with one movement", Meyer added.

The animal area is made of stainless steel and synthetic materials, which makes the pen easy to clean and compliant with maximum hygiene standards.

The farrowing pen is designed in an open and clearly structured way, with the piglet nest and trough located at the corridor. If necessary, it is possible to restrain the sow for a short time for treatment purposes without necessitating a worker to enter the sow area. The grid used to restrain the sow for short periods of time serves to separate the piglet nest when opened.

Furthermore, the pen also facilitates short-term sow restraining to tend to the piglets. Sows can still use the roaming area and the feeding area.

The trough is designed to be used as a watering place. It is installed to the floor so that piglets can feed there.

"Our animals immediately felt at home, and we can work really well in the pen", said Angelika Balz of the Wilhelminenhof farm.

"Above all, our animals can be kept environmentally friendly and species-appropriately, which means we stay true to our values and principles", she said.

With the new Be.Well concept, WEDA is responding to an industry demand for product solutions which ensure animal welfare and protection. Its products are suited equally for conventional and organic animal farming, the company said.


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