November 20, 2019


Egypt sets up fish, animal farms in four African countries


Egypt has started establishing three fish farms and an animal farm in four African countries, said Maher Maghraby on Sunday, Head of the Project of African Farms, affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt Today reported.


Egypt has started establishing fish farms in Algeria, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and an animal production farm in Uganda, Maghraby added in his speech at the meeting of the Parliament's African Affairs Committee, noting that the ministry has received requests from other African countries to establish similar projects.


Maghraby continued that these projects have started in Egypt since 1998, noting that Egypt helped Nigeria when it was hit by a famine in the second half of the 20th century.


"These projects were suspended following the 2011 revolution and then were revived over the past few years," Maghraby explained.


In February 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced the establishment of a joint Egyptian-Eritrean farm, the seventh farming project to be built by Egypt in Africa. In Togo, the Egyptian-Togolese Joint Farm project was launched in November 2017.

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