November 20, 2018

Egypt distributor of Aviagen's Indian River sponsors biggest stand for broiler breeder in AGRENA show



TIBA, the Egypt-based distributor for Aviagen's Indian River® brand, sponsored the biggest, fully dedicated stand for a broiler breeder at the AGRENA show in October.


The stand in hall one gave visitors an easy location to visit, as well as providing excellent hospitality and access to knowledgeable support and service from the large Indian River team. The three-day show held in the new Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo was considered to be a success with its large attendance.

"We have been extremely busy at AGRENA this year. Numerous customers have commented on our success and growth in the domestic market. It is quite an investment to be an exhibitor. However, we believe strongly in promoting the brand and marketing its major elements of success - best breeder and broiler performance, increasing livability, excellent feed conversion and breast meat yield. We are simply sharing the success with our customers who have chosen the newest breed in Egypt which [is provided with] the support of a good service team and the reputation for the best day-old chick quality in the market," commented Amre Aly, general manager of TIBA.

"Not only do I have a major share in TIBA, I also own a parent stock farm which is supplied with Indian River stock and I see for myself the good performance of the breeder and quality chick production," said TIBA chairman and major shareholder, Mohamed Salah Ayyad.

"Both the breeder and the broiler are doing well in Egypt. In the future, I see the ongoing improvement in the breeder and broiler performance which will be supported by an upgrade in the flock management advice from TIBA in the field. The Aviagen Indian River team will continue to supply more after-sales service by improving the TIBA service team and helping them to provide the correct training for the customers on the farms."


"This was a fantastic show for customer awareness and support for the fastest-growing broiler breeder brand in Egypt. Customers have recognised the positive attributes of the both the breeder and the broiler and its reputation in the field," said Mohsen Ganjaei, Indian River's commercial and product support manager for Middle East and Africa.

"Many are existing customers happy with their experience or potential customers asking for an opportunity for future supply. We look forward to generating more interest in Indian River with our quality chicksand performance."

- Aviagen

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