November 20, 2012


Ukraine to update record for grain exports



Ukraine will be able update its grain exports record, which may reach 3,100-3,200 tonnes, according to Serhiy Stoyanov, Director General at the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC).


"In November, Ukraine has the potential to set a new record for the export of grain, which can reach 3,100-3,200 tonnes", he noted.


November 1-16, grain exports from Ukraine totalled 1,800 tonnes, including 900,000 tonnes of wheat, more than 800,000 tonnes of corn and some 100,000 tonnes of barley and other crops were shipped.


Also, in the reporting period, Ukraine exported more than 100,000 tonnes of oil seeds (80,000 tonnes of soy, 20 tonnes of rapeseed), and more than 60,000 tonnes of grain and meals by-products.


Overall, since the beginning of the marketing year, export of Ukrainian grain has amounted to 10.3 million tonnes, of which five million tonnes of wheat, 3.6 million tonnes of corn and 1.6 million tonnes of barley and 1,400 million tonnes of oil seeds.


The "wheat" players, fulfilling their plans, are gradually leaving the export market, says the UAC. So, if the average daily shipments for November 5-12 were 65,000 tonnes, for November 12-16 they totalled about 47,000 tonnes.


"If this pace of shipments continues, the export potential of Ukraine for wheat (so far - 5.5 million tonnes) agreed by the known memorandum may be exhausted by Monday, November 26," reads the statement.