November 20, 2006


Brazil's Sadia loses chicken plant to fire in Parana



Brazilian meatpacker Sadia lost one of its industrial chicken meat facilities in a fire, the company said Friday (Nov 17).


The plant was located on a large industrial facility in the western Parana town of Toledo and burned to the ground late Thursday. The cause of the fire is unknown, a Sadia spokeswoman said.


The facility processed cooked chicken meats for local and international markets. It processed chickens and pork, produced industrial meats for supermarkets and export, and housed an animal feed facility and a large soy crusher. None of the other facilities were touched by the blaze, the company said Friday.


The company said it does not have any estimates on financial or production losses caused by the fire.


Sadia is one of Brazil's largest meat packing companies and exporters. The company is listed on both the Bovespa stock market in Sao Paulo and the New York Stock Exchange.


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