November 20, 2003



Negotiation Between Thailand & Indonesia On Fisheries Glitch

Thailand's Chairman of Pattani Fisheries Association said problem of fisheries with Indonesia has long existed because of the internal conflicts in Indonesia.


Meanwhile, it is proposed the Thai government should negotiate with Indonesian government for mutual benefits.


Chairman of Pattani Fisheries Association Wirot Chantanimi revealed that presently there are about 2,000 Thai boats fishing in the Indonesian territorial waters, about 300 of which are from Pattani province. The Indonesian government always has problems with Thai trawlers fishing in its territorial waters although Thai boats have registered legally. The reason is due to internal conflicts in Indonesia. 


Mr. Wirot added that the Association has warned fishermen about the incident of Indonesian navy captured and sank Thai trawlers. Fishermen are provided with manuals explaining in details the rules and regulations of Indonesia before fishing in the country's territorial waters.


Mr. Wirot suggested the government to negotiate with the Indonesian government on the related issue in order to solve the problem in the long run.


The military, fisheries, and other related sectors of both countries should consult for a clear conclusion for mutual benefits. However, the private sectors of the two countries have been co-ordinating for joint investment in fisheries; and there has been no conflict.

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