November 20, 2003



India's Bayer-Pfizer Strategic Alliance To Market Bayer's Livestock & Animal Health Products

The Bayer Group in India and Pfizer India, announced a strategic marketing alliance for animal health products in India.


The agreement between the two companies says Pfizer India's animal health sales force will now market Bayer's international range of livestock products and companion animal health products.


Stephan Gerlich, country speaker of Bayer group in India, and Hocine Sidi, managing director of Pfizer India, in Mumbai, signed the agreement.


In a press statement, Sidi said: "It is a win-win situation for both companies. The value of the combined portfolio will be enhanced through the Pfizer field force, which is regarded as one of the best in the industry, and well respected by veterinarians."


Praveen Singh, head of Bayer HealthCare, said: "Through this arrangement, Bayer will be able to introduce its latest products and application technology, which will benefit the Indian animal health industry."


According to Singh, Bayer is ranked among the top five companies in animal health worldwide and has a presence in the companion animals and livestock segments in India. Globally, Pfizer is a leading player both in human pharmaceuticals as well as the animal health business.


According to a joint press release by the two firms: "This arrangement will combine two very strong and complimentary product portfolios with an unprecedented therapeutic reach in all segments of the animal healthcare business. Through this alliance, in addition to Pfizer's existing portfolio, a broad range of products from Bayer will be introduced in the livestock, poultry and companion animal segments, among them being Bayticol Pour-on, Drontal Plus Tablets, Bayrocin 10% Injectable, Baycox 2.5 oral solution, Negasunt Powder."


Bayer in India has a diversified business, including agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals with production facilities at 14 sites and India is one of Bayer's promising markets in the Asia-Pacific region.


Pfizer India is one of the country's leading pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer Animal Health (PAH), in India, started its operations in 1964 primarily in the cattle market and almost all products, are today market leaders in their respect1ive segments.


In 1995, Pfizer Inc acquired SmithKline Beecham's animal health business worldwide resulting in a separate poultry team and subsequently a companion animal team in India.

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