November 19, 2019


CHS recalls feed products due to risk of excess magnesium



CHS Inc., an agribusiness co-op based in Minnesota, the United States, has voluntarily recalling 67 tonnes of its Payback® Feeds due to potentially high levels of magnesium, the US Food & Drug Administration announced in mid-November.


The affected products, which included those made for poultry and swine, were bagged in 50lb. bags that display the Payback Feed Brand. They were manufactured at the CHS' Great Falls, Montana facility and distributed in Wyoming and Montana with dates between September 27 and October 4. They were sold directly to producers and to dealers, where end-use customers may have purchased the products.


Potential acute effects of excess dietary magnesium in animals are osmotic diarrhea and a marked decrease in feed intake. Continued feeding of these products may result in death as a complication of those ailments.


CHS received reports from customers claiming these products may have resulted in illness and/or mortality potentially linked to the products. CHS has received reports of the deaths of 403 pheasants from a dealer's customer.


The company immediately began investigating and initiated the voluntary recall upon receiving confirmation that the products may contain elevated levels of magnesium.