November 19, 2013


Ukraine collects 59 million tonnes grain from 15 million hectares acreage


As of November 18, Ukraine had harvested 59.5 million tonnes of grain from 15.1 million hectares area (96% of the projected area).


According to the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food, the average grain yield in the country totalled 39.3 centners per hectare, against 31.1 centners per hectare on the same date last year.


By that date, farmers had harvested 25.9 million tonnes of corn from 4.2 million hectares (87% of the planned area) with an average yield of 61.9 centners per hectare.


Farmers had also threshed 10.6 million tonnes of sunflower seeds from 4.84 million hectares (99% of the area), with the average yield being 21.9 centners per hectare.


Furthermore, farmers collected 2.6 million tonnes of soy from 1.3 million hectares (95% of the area). That crop's average yield was 20.3 centners per hectare.


Sugar beets were harvested from 274,000 hectares (97% of the area). Farmers harvested 11 million tonnes, with the average yield being 403 centners per hectare.