November 19, 2007

Certified Angus Beef hit record sales



The Certified Angus Beef (CAB) brand from Wooster, Ohio has hit an all-time sales of more than 584 million pounds, the highest mark in its 29-year history for the year ended September 30.


Its 14,300 licensees helped the original premium beef brand achieve an eighth consecutive year at more than half a billion pounds sold, setting records in every division.


A record 13.5 million identified Angus-influence cattle saw an acceptance rate of 16 percent, for a net 2.15 million certified cattle with an average carcass weight of 808 pounds. The enhanced CAB specifications, implemented in January, has improved product consistency by eliminating outliers - extremely fat or heavy carcasses and the largest and smallest rib-eyes.


The record sales were also attributed to CAB's supply development team who helped show producers how and why to increase the supply of cattle that meet those stringent standards. Greater outreach to ranchers was paired with more focus within its Feedlot Licensing Program.


The CAB acceptance rate among enrolled cattle moved up from 14.6 percent last year to 21.1 percent. The higher acceptance was fostered by a record number of cattle harvested for the CAB Natural program: those 28,000 head achieved 32.2 percent acceptance.


An in-depth special report, "Supplying the Brand" was distributed to Angus producers, feedlots, allied industry partners and educators. It explained the production side of the brand and generated widespread interest with downloads from setting records most of the year.


John Stika, president of Certified Angus Beef LLC, said credited effective planning and "the unique nature of the program that unifies the beef industry around a quality focus." Producers, packers, distributors, retailers and restaurants - committed partners in every segment of the industry - drove sales in 39 countries.

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