November 19, 2007


Meat export labelling deadline for Brazil extends



The deadline for meat export labelling given to Brazilian meatpackers by Russia has been extended until January next year to give processors ample time to meet requirements.


According to the US Department of Agriculture, Russian food safety authorities, in July this year, have given Brazil until October to fix meat labelling after it has banned 10 Brazilian beef meatpacking plants on counterfeiting certificates discovered last May.


Russia has warned Brazilian meat exporters of a possible long time ban if they fail to meet the deadline by January 1, 2008. The new labelling requirements, which apply to all types of meat, must include a certificate of origin issued by individual producers or processors, as a proof of the country of origin. This is needed in order to determine import tariffs, eligibility to enter under tariff rate quota, and to prevent the importation of products from countries facing import restrictions.


The Russian food safety authority accepts only federally issued health certificates. Some exporters provide quality certifications issued by private companies, but these are not accepted by Russian authorities, says USDA.