November 18, 2013


Thailand's egg industry expected to remain stable in 2014


With stable domestic consumption and production of eggs, Thailand's chicken and egg sector is expected to maintain stable in 2014, according to the Association of Hen-egg Farmers, Traders and Exporters.


Association committee member, Phonsi Laoruchisawat, said that prices and the production level would likely remain steady in 2014. There is currently no observed factors that may cause producers' costs to rise. Phonsi added that, although production matches domestic demand for eggs, efforts are made to increase consumption in the country.


A Thai consumes 160 hen eggs per year on average. This was much lower than the 300 eggs per year consumption rate in developed countries such as the US and Japan.


Regarding the future trend, Phonsi believed the integration of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will be an opportunity for the Thai hen egg industry. She said that Thailand's hen eggs has superior quality in comparison with eggs in other ASEAN countries, and Thai egg producers should be prepared to accommodate future market expansion resulting from the AEC integration by raising their product quality.


In early March, the Layer Farmer Association reported that the current prices of eggs have slightly gone up due to the increasing demand, adding that the average price of eggs in the market was US$0.10 per egg whereas production cost was US$0.09. The association forecast that the average price would go up to US$0.11 at the end of 2013, which he said was acceptable for both producers and consumers.


According to the association, the current average price of eggs is considerably low when compared to other protein-rich products, adding that the market mechanism will kick in when the price is adjusted up. The Commerce Ministry has also been discouraged from intervention as the action could affect the market system.