Evonik has launched a brand-new podcast dedicated to tackling the sustainability challenges facing the animal protein industry.

In monthly episodes, the programme, known as The Sciencing Podcast, will feature leading industry experts and explore the key sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the industry as it looks to reduce its environmental footprint.

"As the world population grows and demand for food increases, global solutions are needed to feed future generations healthily, while protecting our planet," said Gaetano Blanda, head of the Animal Nutrition business line of Evonik. "We are on fire to develop such solutions and to foster the dialogue within the industry."

Listeners of the podcast will receive cutting-edge insights on the science of sustainability, the solutions needed to make animal nutrition and protein production more sustainable and why, ultimately, it makes good business sense, Evonik said.

The Sciencing Podcast is presented by Evonik Animal Nutrition's director of sustainability, Faazi Adam, who has an extensive background in environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in the global food sector.

"We're really excited to be launching The Sciencing Podcast, which will be drilling down into the critical topic of how we can innovate and collaborate to improve environmental impacts in the animal protein sector," said Faazi. "Ensuring sustainable global food production is the greatest challenge we face. It is no understatement to say it affects each and every one of us. That's why we're here to 'science' it, and we invite you to join us on that journey and subscribe to The Sciencing Podcast today."
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