November 17, 2022


EU soft wheat exports 10% higher year-on-year


Data published by the European Commission showed that European Union exports of soft wheat in the 2022/23 season so far in 2022 reached 13.35 million tonnes, 10% higher compared to the same period last year after a large shipment, Nasdaq reported.


The total shipped between July 1 (the start of the season) and November 13 was 9.5% higher than the 12.19 million shipped by the same week in the 2021/22 season.


This represented a higher-than-normal weekly increase of 830,000 tonnes over the running total given in the Commission's previous report.


Due to the war-related disruption of supplies from Russia and Ukraine, which traders claim are still being shipped, EU exporting nations experienced brisk demand at the beginning of the season.


With 5.46 million tonnes shipped this season, France continued to be the top exporter of soft wheat to the EU, followed by Romania with 1.70 million tonnes, Germany with 1.56 million tonnes, Latvia with 1.14 million tonnes, and Poland with 1.07 million tonnes, according to a breakdown of the data from the EU.


10.85 million tonnes of maize have been imported into the EU so far in 2022–2023, more than double the 4.77 million tonnes imported the year before.


Because of the drought that has affected the EU harvest while also improving availability, forecasters have increased their estimates for EU maize imports.


According to the data, Spain was the top importer of maize in the EU in 2022/23 with 4.18 million tonnes, followed by the Netherlands with 1.19 million, Poland with 907,000, Portugal with 877,000, and Italy with 781,000.


Hungary was the next-largest importer of maize in the EU with 632,000 tonnes imported.


-      Nasdaq

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