November 17, 2006


Cargill starts construction of feed mill at Efremov site in Russia

Press release


Cargill has begun construction of an animal feed mill at its Efremov site in Russia's Tula region, a further investment of US$10 million into the company's production facility.  Production is due to commence in 2007 with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes of feed a year.


Cargill acquired its Efremov corn sweeteners plant in 1995.  In recent years, the company has further developed the Efremov site by investing in a malt plant, an additional sweeteners plant using wheat and a vegetable oil refinery, all of which are set to be fully operational next year.


The feed mill will benefit from its proximity to these existing facilities and receive almost all of its raw materials from them.  These raw materials will then be used to produce nutritional feed products for livestock producers. 


Besides producing feed for the Russian beef, poultry, dairy and pork industries, the mill will also produce specialty value-added ingredients which can be added to customers' existing animal feed.


"Cargill is committed to nourishing people around the world," said Andrew Glass, the company's country manager in Russia.  He added that this extended to the livestock and poultry industries where animals need nutrients in order to grow and remain healthy.


"Russia continues to develop and grow its animal protein production on a large scale and this investment emphasises our commitment to both the Tula region and Russian agriculture primary processing.  Our global expertise in the animal nutrition industry, combined with strong research and development capabilities, will bring significant benefits for local customers," Glass said.


The mill will employ 30 local staff, including a specialist sales and marketing team.

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