November 16, 2012


European Commission to decide on Ukraine's poultry export to Europe



The European Commission will decide whether to allow Ukraine's poultry producers to export their goods to the European market by the end of 2012, according to the director for general issues at Agromars, Oleksiy Marchenko.


"The European Commission is to make a decision in December. The EC members, who deal with the preparation of documents on the matter, are saying they hope for a positive decision. Though it does not mean that we will be admitted to all areas," he said after a series of meetings of Ukrainian exporters with the European Commission members.


Marchenko explained that if Ukraine gets this right, it will have to fulfill a number of other requirements that apply not only to agricultural goods producers but will refer to the fact how "…the parliament will adjust the laws."


"We have achieved significant agreements in the field of bringing our products in conformity with European standards. However, when I ask when we will get the access German farmers have, from whom we bought much for our production, none of the participants in the meeting was able to answer this question. They refer to different circumstances - political, technical, a lack of decisions, something else. We also heard that there are problematic issues in the implementation of the conditions and norms of the Ukrainian legislation to the requirements of Europe. This is a serious problem," said the director.