November 16, 2012


JSR Genetics gets awards at University of Kent Innovation Awards


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Two prestigious awards were given to JSR Genetics at the recent University of Kent Innovation Awards on JSR's collaborative research into the generation and transportation of pig embryos.


The first for Impact through knowledge exchange was awarded to Darren Griffin of the University of Kent's School of Biosciences, while the second was awarded jointly to JSR Genetics, Griffin and "The Bridge" IVF centre in London for outstanding industry and academia collaboration.


The on-going collaborative project adapts human technology to introduce a more environmentally sustainable alternative to current pig farming production and logistics through the generation and transport of pig embryos.


The five-year project has been one of the most prolific collaborations in the University's history in terms of research outputs, impact and funding, with over GBP1.3 million (US$2.1 million) given to the venture and over 50 published scholarly research articles.


Managing director of JSR Genetics Grant Walling said, "We were delighted to find that the impact of the research and collaboration with partners was recognised with these two awards.


JSR Genetics Ltd is part of the group of agriculture-based companies that comprise the family owned JSR Farming Group established in 1958. Through international franchises the JSR name is globally recognised in the field of pig genetics.

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