November 16, 2010

New Zealand's aquaculture bill passes first reading


A bill that will put aquaculture on track to earn US$1 billion a year by 2025 passed its first reading in Parliament today, November 16, said the New Zealand government.

The Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3) streamlines consent procedures for new marine space, reduces costs to the industry and provides incentives for development.

"The management approach introduced in 2004 resulted in no new space being created due to its complexity, cost and uncertainty. Growth is expected to come from increases in marine space actually farmed and through making better use of existing space with research, innovation and investment into different species and new technologies," Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Phil Heatley said.

Mr Heatley said the bill was designed to help regional councils manage high or competing demand for space within coastal marine areas and enabled central government to take a more active role in aquaculture planning.

It has been sent to the primary production select committee for public submissions.

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