November 14, 2023


Cherkizovo starts halal chicken meat production in Bashkortostan, Russia




Cherkizovo Group has launched the production of halal chicken meat under the Latifa brand at its Turbaslinsky Broilers facility in Bashkortostan, Russia.


The launch has made products of Latifa, which is the top brand in the halal poultry market of Russia's Central Federal District, available to consumers in the Urals, Cherkizovo said.


In October, the company launched the production of whole chicken and cuts under the Latifa brand at the Turbaslinsky Broilers facility, which was acquired by Cherkizovo Group in December 2022. All the products are manufactured in strict compliance with halal standards, as evidenced by certificates held by the plant.


Turbaslinsky Broilers has become the fourth site to produce Latifa chicken, following the suit of the Vasilyevskaya poultry farm (Penza Region), Kursk branch of Kurinoe Tsarstvo and Lisko Broiler (Voronezh Region).


Latifa brand was established in 2015 for selling halal chicken products. It ranks number one in the Central Federal District by halal chicken sales in volume terms, based on data for October 2022 — September 2023.


"After eight years in the market, Latifa has already garnered strong popularity among consumers in Central Russia," said Anastasia Mikhailova, head of communications at Cherkizovo Group. "With poultry production facilities acquired in Bashkortostan, Cherkizovo was able to expand the Latifa sales geography to regions in the Urals. We hope that local residents will soon be among the fans of organic properties, quality and taste of our halal chicken products."


Cherkizovo Group is expanding its offering of halal poultry products to keep up with the increase in their consumption in Russia, which is partially attributable to the growing share of Muslim population in the country.


Another driver behind the higher demand for halal is increased interest from non-Muslim consumers who think products labeled halal are more organic, healthy and environmentally friendly.


- Cherkizovo

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