November 14, 2022


Tolsa to showcase latest feed additive solutions at EuroTier 2022



Tolsa SA, a Spain-based supplier of animal production additives, will showcase its range of fee additive solutions at EuroTier 2022 (Hall 22, Stand D08) which runs on November 15-18 in Hannover, Germany.


Tolsa's products are specially developed and manufactured to improve feed quality, and thus, livestock nutrition and the performance of animals.


"Our unique mineral technology continues to expand, and we see continuing growth for our animal feed solutions in a wide range of applications that require the highest performance in the animal husbandry market," said Marta Fuentes López, Europe sales manager at Tolsa. "We select the best raw materials and processes to offer the most suitable special clay additive for each specific application. Our feed additives have been well received in the market, and they are highly versatile and can be adapted to meet the high-performance needs of the industry."


Tolsa's product offering, based primarily on sepiolite, bentonite and attapulgite, are mainly used as mycotoxin binders, pellet binders, carrier and anti-caking agents, and as hygienic solutions, focused on animal performance enhancement. The additive products are made from different natural clay minerals, and their constant use generates enhanced animal performance and brings economic benefits to farmers and feed manufacturers.


The company's Exal® is a pellet binder feed additive that improves pellet quality and productivity in the feed mill. It has agglomerating capacity that optimises feed manufacturing parameters. In addition, it provides nutritional benefits, reduces contamination in bedding and contributes to health improvement.


Exal® is made from sepiolite (E-562) with high purity and manufactured under a controlled quality process. It boasts high water and moisture retention, which enables it to agglomerate other feed components, as well as to absorb existing moisture in formulates while avoiding caking.


Tolsa also offers Atox®, a binder and anti-caking feed additive that optimises the manufacturing technology of the formulates in addition to providing nutritional benefits. Atox® consists of a natural combination of smectite and sepiolite (1m558i and E-562) at high purity. This natural combination multiplies the properties of cationic exchange and specific or accessible surface, maximising its binding and anti-caking properties.


The Atox® line includes Atox® Nature Silver, an innovative solution which combats a range of mycotoxins through absorption and avoids desorption in the intestinal tract. It aids excretion and reduces or eliminates toxicity, thus improving the health and well-being of animals. Due to its special properties, this pre-mixture is an ideal mycotoxin binder against aflatoxin and non-polar mycotoxins (FUM, ZEA, OTA) and against trichothecenes (DON, T2, HT2, and DAS). Atox® Nature Silver is a natural alternative to other mycotoxin binders and has fine particle size to promote contact and adsorption.


Tolsa's feed additive line has also recently included suspension additives with suspension capacity, which prevents feed and supplements from decanting in liquid feed systems, including low stirring systems. The additive is primarily used in dry feeding systems to help offspring quickly improve weight level, reducing diarrhea and increasing feed intake. SPLF® Elite, which consists of sepiolite (E-562), is a rheological additive with high suspending and emulsifying capacity. The high efficiency at low shear stress of SPLF® Elite allows it to develop all its suspension capacity, including basic stirring systems.


- Tolsa

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