November 14, 2007


Europe's pig and poultry industry concedes GM feed inevitable



In a recent meeting organised by Alltech, out of 180 top nutritionist and veterinarian attendees, 70 percent of pig and 79 percent of poultry respondents believe that GM feed is inevitable.


The Alltech meeting, which gathered the views of industry experts on the most prevalent issues of the time, came up with interesting results.


68 percent of them think that Biofuels policy has negative effects on EU agriculture. The new EU salmonella targets are seen worrisome by 62 percent of pig and 65 percent of poultry respondents respectively.


70 percent of the experts also say that selecting for improved pig growth has compromised immunity. 75 percent of poultry respondents say that they consider the enzymes they use as effective, but 90 percent of them report wet litter problems.

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