November 14, 2006


UK to have US$2 million hi-tech plant to improve milk yields



A new £1 million (US$2 million) plant to help dairy farmers improve production would begin operation in the UK this week.


Investment for the plant has been done by UK-based Afgritech, the latter being a joint venture between UK's leading cattle feed producer Carrs Milling Industries and the South African Afgri Operations.


The plant would be inaugurated by Chris Holmes, CEO, Carrs Milling Industries and Louis Wolthers, CEO, Afgri Products.


Production would begin immediately on the patented, new Aminomax protein products that would help hard-pressed milk producers improve production and profitability. Langwathby would be the only manufacturing site for Aminomax in the UK and Ireland.


During manufacture, soy and oilseed rape proteins are combined with particular types of sugar through a heat and moisture driven process, which "protects" the protein to ensure that the cow digests it properly.


High performing dairy cows require large amounts of such protein. The new proteins would thus, allow dairy farmers to maximise production.