November 14, 2005


Hong Kong bans poultry from bird-flu affected Chinese province



Hong Kong has banned the import of live poultry and poultry meat from the central Chinese province of Hubei, after a bird flu outbreak was confirmed there, the government said Saturday.


Hong Kong does not currently import any live birds or poultry meat from Hubei, but officials have immediately stopped processing all import applications from the province, a statement issued by the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau said.


China's Ministry of Agriculture notified Hong Kong of the outbreak in Hubei's Jingshan county late Friday, the statement said.


The WHO has said that eating properly cooked poultry is not believed to be a means of transmitting bird flu. However, likely sources of infection include the handling of infected birds or raw meat, the organization has said.


The outbreak in Hubei killed 2,500 birds and led to the culling of more than 31,000 others, the official Xinhua News Agency said.