November 13, 2019


Poland becomes Europe's top poultry producer and exporter


According to Statistics Poland, the country raised more than one billion poultry in 2018, 10 times more than it did in 2009, reported AFP.


Mariusz Paweska, an official representing a large hatchery in the village of Skarzynek, said 1.8 billion chicks are born in Poland every year.


A large portion are exported to Belarus and Ukraine, but most are raised in Poland for local consumption, or to be exported in the future.


Poland's poultry export markets are mainly European Union countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Other nations that primarily import poultry from Poland include South Africa, Ukraine and Hong Kong.


Piotr Tarkowski, an employee of Agraimpex, one of Poland's largest poultry producers said the industry continues to grow, with six new slaughterhouses opened within 2019. Each facility is able to process 1.4 million poultry per day.


Agraimpex reported annual poultry exports valued at 22 million Euros (~US$24.3 million; 1 Euro = US$1.10).


Mariusz Szymyslik, co-director of the national chamber of poultry and feed producers said the main selling point for Poland's poultry industry is its lower prices compared to other poultry farmers in the West.


He added that Poland would dominate the Western poultry market if not for trade barriers that protect markets in Germany and France.


-      AFP