November 12, 2021


Purina Animal Nutrition recalls cattle products distributed in Texas, US



Purina Animal Nutrition is voluntarily recalling products for cattle livestock and wildlife due to the potential of elevated urea levels.


The affected products include PRECON Cattle Starter, 4-SQUARE Stocker/Grower 14, 4-SQUARE Breeder 20 and Antler Advantage Wildlife 16 ARS. These products were only distributed in Texas, the United States.


Elevated urea levels can cause serious health issues and death in ruminant animals including cattle, deer, antelope and wild sheep. Symptoms can include uneasiness, tremors, excess salivation, rapid breathing, incoordination, bloat, vomiting, twitching of ears and facial muscles, grinding of the teeth, abdominal pain, frequent urination, weakness, staggering, violent struggling and bellowing, and terminal spasms.


The elevated urea was discovered through internal plant review. Purina has not received any complaints or reports of illness or death to date.


- Food Engineering