November 12, 2019


South Africa reports foot and mouth disease outbreak among livestock


The Zimbabwe Agriculture Ministry has suspended imports of livestock and meat from South Africa for the second time, reported Reuters.


South Africa's veterinary services have informed Zimbabwe's Agriculture Ministry that the latest outbreak was discovered north of the country in the Limpopo province, bordering Zimbabwe.


As authorities are identifying the foot and mouth disease virus strain and magnitude of the outbreak, Zimbabwe has halted the imports of live cattle, swine, sheep and goat as a precautionary measure to protect Zimbabwe from a spread of the disease.


The second suspension follows Zimbabwe, Botswana and the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) first suspension of South African meat imports because of foot and mouse disease in January this year.


Livestock from South Africa are imported to Zimbabwe for meat products as well as breeding.


Foot and mouth disease only affects cattle and cannot be transmitted to humans.


-  Reuters

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