November 12, 2003



US Soybean Exports At Record Level; More Than 1 Billion Bushels

The United Soybean Board announced exports of US soybean has reached record levels for the third year in a row, which amounts to more than one billion bushels of soybeans this past marketing year, according to USDA reports.

China, the largest buyer for US soybeans, imported more than 282 million bushels. The EU was the second largest importer, with a purchase of more than 209 million bushels of soybeans. 

Canada was again the top importer of soybean meal, with over 48 million bushels of soybean equivalent. 

Mexico was the top importer of US soybean oil, with a record high equivalent to more than 36 million bushels of soybeans, a 48% increase over last year.

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