November 11, 2019


Cermaq still considering leasing options into expanding into Nova Scotia, Canada



Cermaq is still considering whether it will pursue four leasing options it was granted in April for an expansion into the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia, Undercurrent News reported.

For now, the Norwegian salmon producer has been granted two more salmon farming options.

The new options, which are located off Nova Scotia's southwestern coast in Mahone Bay and St. Margaret's Bay, follow those granted earlier for Chedabucto Bay, on the province's northeastern coast, and St. Mary's Bay, also in the southwest.

In September, Cermaq said that it needed six more months to study earlier granted options. It said last week that the site feasibility and engagement efforts there remain ongoing.

"We believe the South Shore region of Nova Scotia could present excellent opportunities for salmon farming due to the sheltered nature of the bays, the depth and water temperatures," David Kiemele, Cermaq Canada's managing director, is quoted as saying in a recently issued press release.

"As before we are sharing this information very early in the process and need to get on the water and into the communities to better understand the area."

As reported by Undercurrent, Cermaq has said it needs to identify enough sites to support at least 20,000 tonnes of salmon to make its expansion into Nova Scotia feasible. That means 15 or 20 farms, said Vicki Savoie, the company's sustainable development director.

It would also like the general support of commercial fisheries, residents, the Mi'kmaq First Nation of Nova Scotia and local and provincial governments, the company said in its latest release.

- Undercurrent News

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