November 11, 2014


Russia on way to becoming self-sufficient in poultry meat



Russia's poultry meat self-sufficiency has reach 89% as production of poultry for slaughter during the first nine months increased by 5.7% to 3.913 million tonnes compared with last year, the Ministry of Agriculture said.


However, egg production in the same period decreased by 0.8% to 31.382 billion pieces, of which 24 billion were produced by industrial farms.


Experts said further growth of the poultry meat industry would depend on its ability to establish export supplies.


High growths in volumes of poultry meat were recorded in Kursk, Tambov and Chelyabinsk Oblasts regions, as well as the Republic of Mari El, during the covered period, while the regions of Kemerovo, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh and Bryansk Oblasts were the main egg producers. 

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