November 11, 2013


Ireland set to increase dairy production by 50%


After the EU abolishes milk quotas in 2015, Ireland is preparing to increase its dairy production by 50% of which the majority of the increased product will be exported to emerging markets.


Minister for Agriculture, Foods and the Marine, Simon Coveney said, "The plan is to raise dairy production in a five-year period by 50%. The growth potential is there but how do we do it in a way that's sustainable and pay farmers to ensure they are protected? We do that through education and innovation and, most importantly, by measuring progress step by step."


Coveney was speaking at the Irish food board's recent event 'Sustainability in action' in Dublin, which showcased Ireland as an exporter of sustainable food.


Ireland has a lot of restrained output potential for dairy. Farmers are building their capacity and processors and the Irish Dairy Board have invested heavily in capital and market development.


Mark Faherty, economist at the Irish Dairy Board, said, "Global demand growth for dairy looks likely to outstrip what can be supplied from the main milk producing regions. Although 50% may sound like a scary number, the reality is that the actual volume involved is small in a global context - about 2.5 billion litres - and it is a global market that we seek to serve. The internationally traded volume of milk is forecast to grow by more than 23 billion litres over the same period - almost nine billion of which is expected to come from Europe."



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