November 10, 2009


Hamlet Protein's soy protein for piglets backed by new study
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A new study has added weight to healthy feed claims of Hamlet Protein's speciality soy protein HP 300.

Conducted by CCL Research in the Netherlands, the study compared the effect on piglets fed a wheat-barley-corn diet supplemented with HP 300 or conventional soymeal.


The average weight gain of the piglets fed HP 300 was 28-percent higher than the group fed with soymeal, while feed intake increased just 14 percent, indicating a substantial improvement in feed utilisation.


This improved growth rate can help piglets reach a target weight of 30kg in 72 days, about five days faster than the average for conventional feed, said Lars Sangill Andersen, feed application manager at Hamlet Protein.


The improved feed efficiency and lower age on reaching 30kg also gives a feed saving of around 3.5kg feed per piglet.


High E. coli resistance faecal samples taken at regular intervals during the study period showed consistently lower faecal shedding of E. coli in the piglets on the HP 300-supplemented diet.


Lars Sangill Andersen said this was because HP 300 does not contain the natural soy sugars that promote E. coli growth in the gut.


The low faecal shedding of E. coli is the direct explanation for the increased weight gain, and it shows the piglets could recover from stress more quickly which could save labour, time and costs for the farmer, said Lars Sangill Andersen. 


The study supports the findings of an earlier study on weaned piglets where HP 300 was seen to reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.

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