November 10, 2005


USMEF team seeks to promote meat exports to Chile


A US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) team has visited Chile for five days, in a bid to promote American meat exports to the country.


USMEF had selected key packers, processors, and retail and restaurant representatives to meet the team in Chile, as they were considered likely buyers of processed American pork and beef products.


Ricardo Vernazza-Paganini, USMEF director of Central and South America, said Chilean pork processors bought Canadian pork in the past due to little contact from US companies.


The team sought to promote US pork and beef in Chile through communicating that their specific products were of high quality and safety, at the Expo Alimentaria trade show in Santiago.


Vernazza-Paganini added that the trade show allowed more contacts with potential customers from various sectors, to "develop partnerships for market expansion."


USMEF said Chile presented opportunities for processed US pork products such as trimming and backfat.

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