November 9, 2023


Malaysia continues operation to curb chicken price manipulation



Malaysia's Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry is set to continue its operation, known as "Op Samar," deploying plainclothes officers to tackle any misconduct by poultry sellers amid the removal of chicken subsidies, New Straits Times reported.


Deputy Minister Fuziah Salleh said that the enforcement team would conduct spot checks in wet markets and various premises to monitor chicken prices. She expressed concern over reports that some sellers altered prices in the presence of officers, highlighting the need for consistent and fair pricing.


Following inspections at the Pasar Awam Kajang, Fuziah stated that the ministry is committed to daily monitoring, deploying over 900 officers covering nearly 1,500 premises nationwide, including wet markets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets, and retail outlets.


Fuziah urged sellers to ensure clear labelling of chicken prices, adding that any attempts to impose hidden costs or arbitrary price hikes would be met with strict action.


Despite the subsidy removal, Fuziah noted that chicken prices have remained stable. However, she underlined the ministry's vigilance in monitoring prices from the suppliers' side.


The floating price mechanism for chicken, initiated on November 1, marks the removal of subsidies and ceiling prices. Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu announced that the decision considers supply, price trends, and the stabilisation of chicken production costs, resulting in market prices below the ceiling.


-      New Straits Times

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