November 9, 2020


Cobb Europe launches "Ask The Expert" webinar series



The Cobb Europe technical team is hosting its first webinar series that will run throughout November.


The "Ask The Expert" series will focus on best management practices for broiler flocks.


The four-part series will run on November 3-24. Those who have already registered will receive Cobb's insights on broiler flock management.


With host Nigel Strain, Cobb's senior regional manager of technical services for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, some of the world's most regarded technical experts in the poultry breeding industry will discuss ways to help reduce the cost of production and help maximise yield with the Cobb500™ broiler.


"During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to stay connected with our customers," said Strain. "This webinar series is one of the many innovative ways Cobb has continued to support customers even when we cannot be on-site."


In the first episode, broiler specialist Brendan Graff will discuss five brooding principles to help unlock flock potential.


Next, senior technical management specialist Martijn Gruyters will provide insights into attaining an optimal environment.


Nutritionist Edward Diehl will share best practices for how to feed broilers efficiently.


In the final episode, viewers will learn best practices for helping to reach yield potential and balancing selection for welfare and economic traits with insights from David Beavers, processing specialist from Cobb's World Technical Services.


"We cannot wait to launch this webinar series," said Matthew Wilson, sales and technical director for EMEA. "We have already seen a large number of registrations and have no doubt there will be a strong turnout from across the industry. This is one of many webinar series we look forward to sharing with the industry to provide customers with the support they deserve."


Those interested in participating in the webinar can register online at:


Cobb customers can also contact their technical service representative to register.


- Cobb

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