November 9, 2005


Thailand presses on US to remove shrimp levy



The Thai government will meet with the US ambassador this week to find ways to help Thai shrimp farmers weather the US's recent decision to maintain its anti-dumping levy on Thai shrimp.


Thai's Commerce Minister Somkid Jatusripitak hoped that the meeting would lead to a compromise.


Representatives for the Thai shrimp farmers have submitted a three-point petition to the Thai government, urging it to help negotiate a solution.


The farmers hoped that the Thai government would be able to provide more information to the US for its consideration during its annual anti-dumping review. They also hoped for the removal of the "double taxation"-namely the putting down of a continuous bond or cash deposit against the payment for the anti-dumping duty-imposed by the US.


Last week, the US International Trade Commission voted to maintain the anti-dumping duty on Thai shrimp exports at 5.95 percent. The US had initially offered to help Thailand and India's shrimp industry after December's tsunami, but the former decided to keep its surcharge after its own shrimp producers were hurt by Hurricane Katrina.

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